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Patient Comments

“I have been visiting Steve for holistic acupuncture for about a year now. He is truly fantastic at what he does – careful, considered, professional and very talented. Before each session he takes care to ask me how I have been feeling that week, so that he can tailor each treatment to my exact requirements. This means that I haven’t ever had the same treatment twice – whether I have been struggling to sleep or had pain in my knee, each appointment is completely bespoke and incredibly effective.
I find the practise incredibly interesting, and Steve takes the time to explain exactly what he is doing and how it fits into the wider treatment, which is fascinating.
I would recommend him to anyone, and will be continuing my treatment for a long while yet.” – ED

“I have been very impressed with my treatment, which is showing positive and beneficial results. Steve is very professional and empathetic and I would not hesitate to recommend him or his services.” – M

“Went in to labour naturally on the Wednesday evening… so I think you can probably use me as an example of acupuncture assisting with the induction of labour. Thank you.” – SW

“I’ve had my first pain free week in six months” – CC

“I’ve not had any symptoms and that’s down to acupuncture” – EB

Arthritis Action

Steve is registered as an Associated Practitioner with Arthritis Acion. Visit their website to see what subsidised treatments they can offer to their members.

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Anxiety UK

Steve is an Approved Practitioner with Anxiety UK as part of an initiative with The British Acupuncture Council.

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World Health Organisation

Acupuncture can help in the following conditions:
Cancer care
Chronic fatigue & low energy levels
Digestive problems
Gynaecological: infertility, pregnancy & childbirth, period pains,
Headaches & migraines
Mental & Emotional: stress, depression, anxiety
Men’s health & wellbeing
Respiratory: asthma, allergies, bronchitis
Skin conditions: vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, acne
Sleep problems
Urinary & kidney problems
Musculoskeletal: back, neck, shoulder, knee pain, sciatica, arthritis

(Source: World Health Organisation [Full Report] or Click Here CLICK HERE for Extract)

Research Links

Acupuncture in the Treatment on Hypertension – New Research

Acupuncture’s Affect on Brain’s Perception of Pain

Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: Systematic Review and meta-analysis

Acupuncture in Primary Headache Treatment

Analysis of Trials on Acupuncture for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Abstract)

British Acupuncture Council: Neuropathic Pain Information

Fact Sheets from The British Acupuncture Council

The BAcC provides a comprehensive list of information sheets about conditions where acupuncture can be used. These can be downloaded as PDF files too. Click Here for the list

Acupuncture in the Media

New York Times Article:
WELL; Studying Acupuncture, one needle prick at a time.

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Support during Pregnancy and Birth in Worcestershire

Support for post-natal and ante-natal women and couples in Worcestershire and the surrounding areas:



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Steve is a member of the BAcC